Young Contributors

Mahathi.C.A I am Mahathi from Grade 8. I am studying at Indian educational school, Kuwait. My hobbies are reading, writing stories and articles and dancing. I have won prizes in chess competitions.

Ann Susan Abraham My name is Ann Susan Abraham. I was born on 19th October 2006 in Kozhikode, Kerala. I study in Indian Educational School, Kuwait in grade 8.I am a voracious reader and my favourite book is ‘The Alchemist’ –Paulo Coelho. I love it because it has a lot of mysteries and twists. I have been rewarded the Allrounder and Proficiency award in my school for two years and my favourite hobbies include my love for dance, calligraphy and crafts. I love writing stories and essays.

Poorva Nirmal Hello ! I ’m Poorva Nirmal. Currently studying in ICSK senior, my hobbies are reading books, writing and listening music . I like travelling new places and countries. I am interested in playing badminton .I take immense pleasure in participating in Co – curricular activities. My aim is to make myself a better person and I am very confident about my self to achieve my aim.

Evan Sunil Abraham My name is Evan Sunil Abraham. I am from Krala, India. I take an active interest in reading books and writing articles. My favorite hobbies are reading books, cycling and collecting stamps.

Krithika Murali Krishnan To all those who are reading my profile, my warm greetings. My name is Krithika Murali Krishnan. I’m a student, studying in Indian Community School,Kuwait. I’m a person who loves reading. It gives me so much of knowledge, that at times I wonder, what mystery awaits us in this universe. Writing is my passion. It is indeed interesting to know, how pieces of writing can transform people. We have all been inspired or felt reformed because of reading great texts written by influential writers. Hence, I thought why not use this powerful tool, to inspire. Hence, to all those readers, I say, welcome.

Ann Mariya Sabu I am Ann Mariya Sabu. I am a student of Carmel School Kuwait currently studying in class 11 as of 2019 -2020. I am immature amateur writer who has fallen in love with words, that next door nerd who is charismatic and ebullient wants to spread positive vibes. A self-proclaimed public speaker – loves to give elocutions and extempore. I have been Kuwait champion for Marrs Spelling Bee. Aspires to be an engineer, I am a Philomath.

Hritika N Kademani I am , Hritika. N. K. studying in grade 8 student of SALMIYA INDIAN MODEL SCHOOL (SIMS), Kuwait. I love reading books the most. Drawing and painting is my passion. I am interested in Bhartanatyam and Karate. I take Part in extra- curricular activities at school . I am good in Badmitton , chess, quizzing, and calligraphy and also a good speaker. I am inspired with Dr, A. P. J. Abdul kalam.

Mohammad Yusuf Khan My name is Mohammad Yusuf Khan and I study in Indian Learners Own Academy, Kuwait. I am a student of grade 7 and my hobbies are playing football, listening to music, reading books, cycling and I am very good at PlayStation-4 as well. I am academically excellent and have got many accolades including all-rounder, scholar, Olympiad gold medals in maths and Hindi, qualified at national level for GCC spell bee competition .My only aim is to make myself a better person and I am very confident with myself to achieve my aim.

Jemimah Ann George Hey! I’m Jemimah Ann George, currently a grade 10 student of Smart Indian School, Kuwait. I’m a person who strongly believes that words are the source of all power and that every youth has a voice that should be raised in order to make changes in our society, only that our methods of voicing out opinions differ. It is this belief that encouraged me to enrol in IIK Young Reporter Program. I’m an ardent reader and struggle to find time for anything apart from reading. I take immense pleasure in participating in extra-curricular activities. I also happen to be talented at art and find my time worthwhile in doing something creative. More than anything what I truly aspire is to become a better human and contribute in every way possible for the betterment of our society.

Manha Anees I am Manha Anees studying in 6th grade in Indian Educational School, Kuwait. I have so many hobbies and the main ones are reading, writing and drawing. My favourite author is Enid Blyton. I would like to spend my time productively. My biggest ambition is to bring a change in the society.

Jemima Anna Monteiro My name is Jemima Anna Monteiro I am from India, Goa. currently living in Kuwait. I am 14th years old and live with my parents and my little sister, I study in Indian English Academy School also known as Don Bosco. My hobbies are singing, writing short articles, reading books and playing my instruments, my favorite color is pink, and I love beef bourguignon, a French meal. I would love to take my career in music and share my love of music with others by teaching them and learning at the same time or producing music which people like. I love working hard for what I want and always stand up for what is right and speak up for myself when someone’s wrong.

Krithika Karthikeyan I am Krithika Karthikeyan, one of the civilians in Kuwait. The main reason why I signed up to Young Reporter is because I am an aspiring writer. I study in F.A.I.P.S Kuwait, and was chosen as the Head Girl for the academic year 2018-19. I am very sensitive to injustice, or prejudice, so in almost 75% of my writings, I include quotes from great personalities. Besides writing, I am engrossed into reading, public speaking and cooking. I have an elder brother studying in grade 12. I am a manipulative orator, and mostly, in the end of my speeches, people think what I think. My main goal in life is to change the mind-set of children who don’t like reading. This is a challenge I have accepted and Indians in Kuwait is my first step to the staircase I am building. With a hope that you will be slightly interested in my articles, I bid farewell.

Vishnu Balram I am Vishnu Balram, grade 10 student of Indian Educational School. I love quizzing, reading books, listening to music, playing piano, and travelling. I believe in the beauty of my lofty dreams and aim to become a better human being.

Mohammed Saqib Kalsekar I am Mohammed Saqib Kalsekar born on 2nd April 2006 in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. I am studying in 8th grade in FAIPS. I am very interested in Mathematics and Science and have achieved quite a lot of certificates in that field. I like acting and people like my skills in the same. My favourite sports are Chess and Cricket but I also like to play Basketball, Badminton, Kabaddi and Football. But more than anything I have a passion to read and learn. I want to write and get famous as an author

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Sarah Parvesh I am Sarah Parvesh of Indian Educational School and I am studying in 7th grade. I love reading books especially novels with a lot of mystery and thrill. My hobby is to paint and I love collecting shells and write poems. I also participate in extra-curricular activities. My ambition is to contribute something great for the world.

Fida Faisal Fida Faisal Class 12 India International School, mangaf

Siya Pareek My name is Siya Pareek and I am a student of 6th grade in Smart Indian School (Bhavans). I am an ardent book reader and passion short story writer. I enjoy dancing & singing as well. Currently am pursuing Bharatanatyam and Hindustani classical music.

Gauri Krishnan I am Gauri Krishnan of Grade 7, currently studying in Indian Educational School. I am good at academics and am equally interested in co-curricular activites. I love dancing, drawing, painting and doing crafts. I have participated in and won competitions conducted for arts, elocution, writing essays and dance. I have also received a Scholar Badge for the last two years in my school. I am an avid reader and love to read mysterious and adventurous stories.

Gauri Vinod Nair I am Gauri Vinod Nair,studying in Indian Central School in class 9C. I am very much passionate in reading and writing and interested in dancing and singing.

Priya Vishwanath My name is Priya Vishwanath and I am a student of Class 9 in FAIPS DPS- My YR registration number allotted to me is 15FPS314. I love reading and painting - especially portraits- I play the Violin in the genre Carnatic Classical and am pursuing this with my guru for the past 5 years.

Daran Velmurugan I am Daran Velmurugan, I am studying at 9th standard in FAIPS/DPS. I am interested to express my views and opinions through public speaking and articles to bring a change in our thoughts on a specific idea in a unique way. My hobbies are music, Art and sports.

Arfa Arshad I am Arfa Arshad a student of class 10-B studying at FAIPS-DPS,AHMADI.I like to write articles and blog

Rashmi Nair I am Rashmi Nair. I am currently studying in grade 11. I love reading and reflecting on what I have read. Also, I love expressing my thoughts and ideas in the form of writing, so that it can be effectively communicated among people.

Adwaid Satheesh I, Adwaid Satheesh, student of grade 9C,studying in Indian Central School

Sharanya Pillai It really sounds so simple that one can say a lot about him/herself once given a chance but trust me its not. So whats coming next is most of me . I am Sharanya Pillai , std 6th studying in DPS (FAIPS). I live in Abuhalifa-1. I have walked this earth 11yrs and I fall in April which makes me a Taurus . I am a good listener and I enjoy helping others and see them achieve their goals. I take up all responsibilities given to me very seriously as I am with my studies. I think this quality of mine earned me the title of ‘House Captain “ in my school. When I am not studying you can see me watching cartoons, reading books, writing poetry , writing adventurous stories. I am a die- hard fan of table tennis and swimming. When I am not doing any of these , I am with my friends making new friends. Life is so short and this world is so big. There is so much out there to learn. My mantra for life is that “Believe in yourself, stay focused and keep going “. Give smiles and spread happiness as much as you can and it will come back to you in doubles.

Monniiesh Velmurugan I am Monniiesh Velmurugan. I study in class 10. I study in F.A.I.P.S-D.P.S. I am from Tamilnadu I am living in Kuwait from 2008. My birth date is 20 May 2002. I am very interested in writing. So I thought of giving a try to be young reporter.

Alan M Taylor Student of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan

Shad Ahmed Hi! My name is Shad Ahmed, and I study at FAIPS-DPS as a class 9 student. I am 14 years old. I have an interest in physics, mathematics and programming. Chess and football are my favorite sports. My role model is Elon Musk. I read fiction and science-related books, my favorite series being Harry Potter. My hobbies include reading and playing video games. I’ve been living in Kuwait ever since I was 2 months old, and currently I’m staying at Salmiya. I also have a passion for writing in general. I have appeared for CBSE Chess Nationals, and I have won 3rd place in Bhavan’s G.C.C Spell Bee finals.

Yusra Asad Khan I am Yusra Asad Khan, a ninth grade student studying at the Indian Community School (ICSK) Senior, Kuwait. From a very young age I have been passionate and have a keen interest in writing articles, stories, poems and all forms of art. Besides this I also enjoy playing basketball and badminton and I am very good at it. I have been an all round student for past 7 years. My hobbies include discovering and exploring, dancing and singing, acting, reading novels and journals, visiting sites like iik, reader digest, jagran, origami and last but not the least travelling.I take part in all extra co – curricular activities.I have taken part in elocution ,debate ,extempore ,essay writing ,drawing and painting ,skit ,public speaking ,quiz contests, Olympiads ,story writing ,poster designing and many more and came out with flying colors in all.I have even been a winner in the Toyota dream car art contest as well as a winner in competitive exams.I envision making something innovative in the future and be the change the world would want to see.

Alex George Viljo My name is Alex George Viljo. I study in 7-B, Indian Educational School, Kuwait.I am a native of Kerala, India.I am 12 years old. My hobbies are- Karate, playing Badminton, reading books, origami, paper crafts, painting etc.

RANJEEV RAMPRASAD I am Ranjeev Ramprasad Studying class 8 in Gulf Indian School.I am a regular participant in iik in drawing ,writing poems etc.My Hobbies are playing,Cricket, Chess, Basketball, Badminton etc.Thanks to IIK for giving me this platform to express my views and share my experience.

Sanjeev Ramprasad I am Sanjeev Ramprasad studying 7th grade in GIS .I love playing cricket,chess and basket ball.I am much interested in reading fictional and detective novels.I am regular contributor to IIK through my drawings and poems.

Parth Kumar My name is Parth. I am a student of Indian Educational School. I like reading books, write stories, articles, script on any skit. I also love to play cricket and basketball.

pragya kumar I am Pragya.My teacher Ms.Uma Maheshwari has motivated and encouraged me to write articles for IIK supplement.I had a great interest in writing from 6th onwards and this will continue and pursue all my dreams and goals that I have in my life.I love to play badminton and I am in the school team as well.I have won many medals and trophies because of my physical education teachers who have motivated me to reach great heights in badminton.

Alfy Rachel Thomas My name is Alfy Rachel Thomas.I am studying in 9th standard at Gulf Indian School,Fahaheel,Kuwait.I am 13 years old.I was born in Kuwait.I loved to be an entrepreneur and was extremely interested to develop my skills.I loved to use the opportunities that I would get in the best way to the core!

Parvathy S Nair I am Parvathy Sudheer Nair,studying in class X,UIS.I am interested in Reading, Writing,Reciting poems, speech, and Dance.I earned the Kalathilakam Award few times in Kuwait. I like to visit Heritage places in India.

Aaisha Thamanna Name: Aaisha Thamanna STD: XI, BIO-INFO Stream Integrated Indian School Native Place: Vaniyakkad, N.Parur, Ernakukam,Kerala Skills: Drawing, Painting, Writing Hobbies & Interests: Reading, Designing, Shows & Movies, Journalism

Rishab Rammohan My name is Rishabh Rammohan. I am a 6th grader studying in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.My hobbies are reading,cycling, basketball and Robotics. The book I Am enjoying right now is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.Someday,i hope to not only pursue my ambition of becoming an Automobile Engineer,but also write books like Roald Dahl.

Arathi Sasidharan I am Arathi Sasidharan studying in class VII at FAIPS DPS, Kuwait.My hobbies are reading and dancing.I have always had a particular taste for art and painting as well.I have been participating in the Marrs International Spell Bee competition for the past three years and I have reached the International level .I also have a passion for writing.I love to read books by Enid Blyton and Ruskin Bond, but my favorite author is J.K.Rowling.

Arundhati Vinod Sharma My name is Arundhati Sharma and I study in class 8, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. My ambition is to have a career in English literature.I love to eat all kinds of food, listen to music and also read… a LOT! I love to travel and sleep in bed equally.I think that while there are a lot of young writers who can make their name known there’s still place in the world of books for me.

Fiza Shafeeque I am Fiza Shafeeque. Doing my schooling in Indian Educational School (Bhavans, Kuwait) in Grade 8. Staying in Kuwait since 2007 and hailing from Kochi, Kerala.My favorite hobbies are reading adventure and fantasy books and listening to music.

Abhishek Kumar My name is Abhishek Kumar. I am studying in 8th grade in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.My hobbies are writing and reading books, playing cricket and public speaking. My favorite subjects are Science, Maths and English. I wish to become a writer. I like to write books on humor and fiction. I am an active participant in Public speaking competitions, National Maths Olympiad, Cricket Tournaments.

Gayathri Satheeshkumar I am Gayathri Satheeshkumar,a 10th standard student of Gulf Indian School. I love doodling,cooking,photography, athletics and I am a keen observer. I always experiments with art forms. Moreover,I love running,climbing and jumping.I like to motivate my friends and help them in their difficult time.I have participated and won prizes for various competitions at different levels.

Vaishnavi .R. Pai My name is Vaishnavi .R. Pai, studying in Class 7th, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s, Indian Education School Kuwait. My hobbies are reading, dancing, singing and has a passion for writing.

Shubh Porwal I am Shubh Porwal, student of class X in Gulf Indian School. I have been living in Kuwait for 10 years now. I am an avid reader. I have always loved reading and writing articles. I am into sports and like playing Table tennis and going for a swim. I am a hard worker when it comes to academics. And I just found out that IndiansinKuwait is a really good platform to express our views and write short articles of our experiences and adventure trips .etc.

Sana Nazim Parkar I am Sana Nazim Parkar. I am from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I study in 8th grade at Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan. My hobbies are writing, reading and playing badminton. I like to write poems and articles on common as well as absurd topics. I am good at public speaking and routinely take part in elocution and extempore speaking competitions. I am very good at curricular and co-curricular activities as well.

Chrisle Joseph Charles I am a person who is interested in leisure time writing and reading. Astrophysics and geography are the major domains of my focus though I can prepare on almost anything assigned to me. My tastes can vary from political debates, science fiction & fantasy...etc. to recording real life experiences. I’m a person who believes that a pen is mightier than a sword and I deny believing in the limits of writing &imagination. I believe that I can undertake my tasks in a responsible and mature manner. I contain a young spirit of journalism and I’m looking forward to give it its chances.

Aishwarya Shaji My name is Aishwarya Shaji and I am a ninth grader at FAIPS DPS. My biggest passion in life is Music and Literature. Two things that are universally accepted as pure magic! I love singing and I also play the guitar and the piano. My other hobbies include quizzing, art and exploring every known and unknown realm I can. I truly believe in kindness. No matter where you come from, if you have a good heart and if you believe in yourself , you can conquer the world!

Aayesha Sageer I am Aayesha, a 15 year old, studying in class 10 of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. My hobbies are reading, writing and dancing. I love spending time with friends and family. I love sports, especially badminton and throw ball. I hail from Cochin/Kerala, I was brought up in Kuwait.

Omair Ansari I am 14 years old and studying in class IX in FAIPs (DPS) School Kuwait. I am from Shikohabad (UP) India. My hobbies are playing football, chess, reading, watching cartoons and love to computer games.

Vishnu Dutthaan Studying in 9th Standard in ICSK Senior br.

Akshaya Srinivasan I am Akshaya Srinivasan studying in the tenth grade of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. In my leisure time I enjoy playing violin, drawing and painting and playing a good game of chess. I have bagged the first place in CRY CHESS tournament twice. I have played violin in quite a few programmes in Kuwait and I totally enjoy it. I have gained many accolades in the international exams conducted in our school.

Bibin Sam Thomas My name is Bibin Sam Thomas a 10th std student. I am a person very interested in the developmental goals of our country. I love to play cricket, basketball and chess. I play the mridangam and love to read books. I have taken part and won prizes in a lot of quiz contests representing my school and in school and also playing outside school. I take APJ Abdul Kalam to be my role model.

Pranav Santhosh I’m Pranav Santhosh , student of 9th Std of Indian Educational School (Bhavans) , Kuwait. My Home Town is Kerala, India. My hobbies are Reading books, listening to music, surfing the internet, watching, movies, researching about scientific developments.

Praveena Makesh My name is Praveena Makesh. I am studying in class VIII B in Gulf Indian School. I am a normal girl with unique ideas and interests which makes me different from others. My interests include art, dance, movies, books; topics related to India etc. I have won various prizes too. I love eating and cooking. I have a great liking for photography and editing of photos. I simply love India and my birthplace Tenkasi, Tirunelveli. I like social activities but I don’t know whether when I grow up I will be involved in it.

Uma prasanna I am Uma prasanna.A studying in class 11 in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Back in India, I am from Andhra Pradesh. I look forward to music, dance, drawing and creative writing. I always adored the art of journalism and given a chance I always liked to be a part of it.

Karan Malhotra I am Karan Malhotra. I am 15 years old. I have been living in Kuwait since past two years. I am interested in sports like ice skating and football. I enjoy participating in co-curricular activities like drama and music. I am also learning how to play guitar.

Naseer Ahmed Khan My name is Naseer Ahmed Khan and I am studying in FAIPS-DPS-Ahmadi in 8th Standard. I am in Kuwait since 2007 and my home town is Nellore- Andhra Pradesh. My academic achievements so far are “Scholar Badge” for 7th class and “Merit Certificate” for 6th class. In sports my favorite game is Table Tennis and in Rubik’s cube my record timing is 1 minute 25 seconds. I am gifted with musical talent and got first prize singing vocal competition when I sung vandemataram.

Anand Suresh I am Anand Suresh 9th standard student studying in United Indian School. My hobbies are Reading, and watching movies. I like to play ‘Chess’ and since 2009 I am a chess team member of United Indian School. Our team won the Inter School Chess Championship for the last two consecutive years. Also I am practicing Drawing and Painting. In Sports I like to play Cricket.

Afshan Arshad I am Afshan Arshad from class XI, studying in F.A.I.P.S (DPS) and I am 15. I am born and brought up in Kuwait. I like debating on any new topic that comes up and my career interest is to do medicine. I know that I have the potential of reaching heights and will do so.

Sukanya.V.S I am Sukanya of class VIII, FAIPS, Kuwait. I am going to be thirteen this May. I have studied in 3 schools up to date – ICSK (Junior and Amman Branch), Bhavans and FAIPS (currently). I’ve been in this country for almost 13 years, making Kuwait as close to my heart as India. I adore painting, dancing and singing. I absolutely love sports i.e. Basketball and Table tennis. My favorite instrument is the violin. English, Math and History are the subjects I enjoy studying. I am a complete bookworm though I can be a potato couch at times. My friends know me as hyper, talkative and real fun. All I am is because of my amazing friends, my loving parents and the best sister I could ever have…

Shruthi Kanagala I am Shruthi Kanagala, student of FAIPS, studying in class X. I have been living in Kuwait for past eleven years. I am from Andhra Pradesh and I was born there but brought up in Mumbai. And because of this the way I speak Telugu is totally broken. My friends describe me as an ever-smiling girl, and call me a cat as I possess cat eyes. But if I have to describe myself I could say that I am a simple and a reserved person and at times a workaholic (always busy with studies). I enjoy a lot with my parents and friends and without them my life is incomplete. One thing that keeps me occupied during my leisure time is-MUSIC!! I am just mad about it and my best friend, who got an amazing and sweet voice, is my inspiration. I believe in one motive "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL" and for this I thank God for making me a part of this beautiful world.

Hari Ananta Subhesh I am Hari Ananta Subhesh of class 8studying in FAIPS {DPS} Kuwait. I am involved into lot of sport activities. I love to participate in competitions and already am in the swimming school team. My favourite hobbies are listening to music, reading books, playing football and swimming. I don't have any dislikes.

Jade Ilona Pais MY name is Jade Ilona Pais and am studying in the 12th Grade of Carmel School. My hobbies and interests include travelling, dancing, reading books, playing badminton, sketching and listening to music. I like to think of myself as a confident speaker, keen learner, enquiring mind, rational thinker, humble worker and a creative artist. This quote by Abraham Lincoln is what I live my life by “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It is the life in your years.” I wish to live life with complete honesty and to the fullest, without any regrets.

Twisa Pal I am Twisa Pal. I was born in Kolkata. I have been living in Kuwait since the time I was only 5 months old. I am 10th std student studying at FAIPS-DPS and have a passion for reading, writing, dancing, singing and drawing.

Arjun Ajith Panicker I am Arjun Ajith Panicker, a class 10th student in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan(IES), Kuwait. My hobbies are cycling, listening to music, reading books and coin collection. I am not a regular news reader, but I keep myself updated with World news. One of my passions are writing and debating and I believe that through writing you can reach out to people.

Aroma Sathish My name is Aroma Sathish. I study in class VIIIth of Indian Community School, Senior Branch. In my free time I like to read books, watch TV, listen to music, browse on the net and also paint. I’m a Keralite. I love to travel abroad.

Atira Sathish I am Atira Sathish studying in 11th grade at The Indian Community School Kuwait. I was born and brought up in Kuwait, but hailing from Kerala. My hobbies are reading, dancing, listening to music and news, stamp collection and watching movies. In sports I like to play badminton and throw ball. I have a passion for writing. My interest is to develop self-confidence by participating in competitions.

Helen Prarthana My name is Helen Prarthana and I am studying in grade X and am from Delhi Public School. Back home, I am from Chennai. I have been studying in Kuwait ever since my class III. I rarely stay at home and love to play outside with my friends and also like to hang out with them. I am a diehard fan of Basketball and love playing basketball. l am also a big fan of music and I love playing piano whenever I feel like. I love discussion, debates, hearing speeches, and anything related to the same, I would listen to. When it comes to speaking, I often dream about becoming a news reader one day. If anyone is ready to discuss about any of the currently debated hot political topics, I am the first to join the club. I feel we all should follow news on TV regularly. My parents, teachers, friends, and relatives complete the circle of my life.

Karunya. V.S I am Karunya.V.S, studying in class XI, the vice-sports captain of FAIPS. I may be born in Delhi, have a home in Pune, and traditionally be from Chennai, but Kuwait is where I belong and where a part of me always will. I’m basically a lively, talkative, cheerful, sentimental and a very social person who does not like writing about herself, though writing otherwise is one of my many passions. I believe in the strength of mankind and in reaching out to the hearts of humanity because only that can bring us back to sanity and let us live in peace. I appreciate art, sketch and paint whenever time stands still and I absolutely adore ‘wealth-from-waste’ crafts. I sing almost anything- from Carnatic, Hindustani to Western, while I dance….only when no one’s watching me. But more than anything else, I love people! I enjoy interacting with new faces, answer random questions and taking initiative…sometimes way too much; throwing myself into something new and different, makes my day. Anything to do with sports, dark chocolate and my friends can instantly make me happy. My parents and sister have been my strength and I owe it all to them.

Tejashri Jayakanth I am Tejashri Jayakanth studying in 9th Standard at IES Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kuwait. I am interested in Music, Writing articles, Dance and Badminton. My ambition is to become a successful newspaper/magazine journalist.

Raghavi Viswanath I feel the one word that describes me best is – complex! I am Raghavi Viswanath, a 11th grader from Fahaheel Al –Watanieh Indian Private School. I do have quite a complex background too! Born in Ahmedabad, I live in Hyderabad but I am basically a Tamilian. Although my mother is born and brought up in Ahmedabad and my father is born and brought up in Kolkata , I hardly know any Bengali or Gujarati except ’Kem Cho’ and ‘Bhalo Bhasho’. Now that you know my background, lets acquaint you with my passion. Well, it’s music! Music is that one thing that keeps me going in life , through all the bad times and the not-so-bad times ! I am (and will continue to be )a student of Carnatic Classical music and learn from my mother. I play the tabla too. Other than music, I love reading , painting and talking( more precisely , debating ). So, I badly need ways to express myself! And that’s how writing comes into the picture too! But , on the whole, I feel I am quite a simple person ,simplicity is my art of living. I take a lot of pride in my integrity and my roots. I like upholding the values that my parents have instilled in me and will strive to do so in the future too.

Best IIK Young Reporter of the Year

Malavika Krishna
Year - 2016
Avanija Menon
Year - 2015

First IIK Young Reporter

Anand Gopan
Year - 2012