Mysuru to have double-decker buses by next year

Friday, August 30, 2019

Karnataka state government had announced that double-decker buses will be provided to Mysuru and Hampi in a bid to promote tourism.

The government's budget had allocated four buses to Mysuru and two buses to Hampi. The buses are said to be designed along the lines of London's famous Big Buses.

Karnataka's tourism department had received an overwhelming response when it first introduced double-decker buses at the Mysuru Dasara last year. Although only five per cent of tourists could be accommodated in the buses, the government acknowledged the demand and allocated Rs 5 crores for it in the state budget.

These buses will not be restricted to Mysuru and Hampi but will also be used for special occasions such as the annual Jatra Mahotsava, etc. Each bus will have a capacity of 35 seats.

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