Indira Canteen shut in Mysore

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

The dream project of former chief minister Siddaramaiah to provide food to poor people has stopped functioning in his home district.

People, who had gone to the canteen in Nanjanagudu for breakfast on Tuesday morning, were shocked to see that it was closed for good. Daily wage labours used to go to the canteen for breakfast. As it was giving quality food at a cheaper price, many people were depending on it. It is said that the tender holder of the canteen, Navaprayag Group of New Delhi has kept more than Rs 3.5 lakh payments pending for 6 months. Despite the negligence of the tender holder, canteen manager Ravi tried to continue the canteen and borrowed money by taking loans at 6% interest and gave salaries to the staff. With surmounting debts, even the canteen manager has turned helpless.

“I spent my own money considering Indira Canteen was an excellent project for the poor. I have not received money since the canteen was set up. With the hope that tender holder would pay someday, I made loans. Now, I have no money in my hand and the tender holder from Delhi is incommunicable. With no option left, we are closing the canteen,” said Ravi.

“It all happened as the tender for the canteen was given to a man from Delhi. It wouldn’t be so if it was given to a Kannadiga. If we call them, they say one or two words in Hindi and cut the call. If the tender holder was from Karnataka, the situation would have been a lot better. Even the officials have not taken any action. Government is paying money to the tender holders but we are not getting any money. There are seven staff working in the canteen. I made loans to pay them the salary and now my family is left in the lurch. The government should come to help me,” he added.

People who used to depend on the canteen are sad that they will have to look at other options for their day-to-day food.

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