Thank you Mysore for your care

Mysore is no different than the rest of the world as people are under the grip of this deadly virus Covid19. The Union Government has identified Mysuru among 25 hotspots highlighted with number of confirmed Coronavirus cases.

As of Saturday, a total of 76 cases have been confirmed in Mysuru so far with 12 patients discharged from hospital. Total active cases in Mysuru now stands at 64.

As we all are staying inside our house 24 all the time to escape from this deadly virus, there is a group of people who relentlessly working all day outside their home leaving behind their family to safeguard all of us from this deadly virus. Yes, the Doctors, Nursing Staff, Police and other authorities working tirelessly to protect us. They are risking their health to care for our community. They were all working to get their patients well and with no regards for their own health!

There are many other essential frontline workers, including healthcare workers, first responders, and the many people keeping services like sanitation, food service, and more up and running. It is our responsibility to thank you them all who are working to save lives and keep communities safe during this pandemic.

The city corporation had taken a new way of preventive measure by installing disinfection tunnels at the entrance of exhibition ground market in Mysore. Within tunnels, nozzles are fitted on the highest of the tunnel which will spray disinfectant solution on people while they walk.

The police and administration are controlling the city 24 hours to stop people from going out unnecessarily and stop the spread of this deadly virus. It is our responsibility to abide by these government orders and to support them to make their job easier.

The District administration issued a special Helpline Number 1077 or 0821-2423800 to deal with any questions related to coronavirus infection.

Deputy Commissioner of Mysore Abhiram G Sankar and Superintendent of Police CB Ryshyanth have been working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the district. Few days back, their images are seen in WhatsApp statuses and Facebook profiles by Mysoreans to thank them.

The best way to thank them is to stay at home and avoid any unwanted outing. Let us all pray for the safety and health of entire Mysoreans!

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